About Us

About The Islamic Institute & HBM
The Islamic Institute & Houston Blue Mosque, founded in 2001, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and non-political organization operating exclusively for religious, charitable, educational, and literary purposes.The Islamic Institute aspires to educate Muslims and non-Muslims alike with the basic knowledge of Islam, and to contribute towards betterment of the society.

The Islamic Institute & HBM aims to:

  • Enable the Muslim community to practice Islam in their daily lives
  • Spread an atmosphere of harmony in the community
  • Show that religions can play a major role in restoring respect, sympathy, trust, and peaceful coexistence
  • Establish friendship and build bridges through conversation and understanding between different individuals and organizations
  • Provide general public with accurate information to eradicate misconceptions, ignorance, and prejudice about Islam
  • Provide support in real life problems regardless of individual’s race, ethnicity, and gender
  • Promote academic studies on contemporary Islamic issues through organizing panels, symposiums, and conferences
  • Stretch a helping hand to those in need

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