Social Services


“He who sleeps contentedly while his neighbors sleep hungry did not believe in my message.” -Messenger Muhammad (pbuh)

In today’s globalized world, II considers the entire humanity as its neighbors. With this perspective, II volunteers feed the homeless, hand out essential home items to refugees, and donate to victims of natural disasters all around the world.



Visit from Westside Baptist Church

A group of teenagers from Westside Baptist Church have visited Houston Blue Mosque. Ima Yesil...
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UH Clear Lake students

Students from Univ. of Houston Clear Lake campus visited our mosque today. The program started with...
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St. Thomas’ Episcopal School

Students from Saint Thomas Episcopal School visited The Blue Mosque. Students were welcomed with a presentation about...
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Post Oak School visited the Blue Mosque Houston

Some Post Oak students visited The Blue Mosque. The program started with recitation of the...
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St. John’s School visited the Blue Mosque

 The Blue Mosque welcomed nearly two hundred students from St. John’s School on Thursday 8 th October. The...
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Our Guests from Lutheran Church

[San Antonio] Alamo Heights Lutheran Church Community visited the San Antonio branch of the Islamic...
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Visit My Mosque Program, Young At Heart Ministry visited us

On Thursday, February 26, Young at Heart, one of the most active ministries at Pilgrim...
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Visit My Mosque Program for UH Clear Lake

The islamic institute hosted a group of undergraduate students who take Religions in Dialogue class...
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