Useful Links

The Infinite Light:The Prophet Muhammad
The exemplary life of the Messenger of Islam and his distinguished, exalted personality. The water of life for the salvation of humankind should be made known to everyone.

Muslim way
A site on Islam containing basic Islamic information. Qur’an, hadeeth and other resources

The Meaning of Life
Articles on how to understand of the meaning of the life.

The Seeds of Life
Life is the greatest result of the universe and its greatest aim and most valuable fruit. Life too must have a great aim and result as vast as the universe.

Fountain Magazine
Fountain Magazine examines the moral, social and technological dilemmas we are facing at the dawn of a new millennium. – The Spiritual Life
The Spiritual Life: Living with God – A Magical Key to Happiness
Prayer is a great mystery of servanthood to God. There are three kinds of prayer. You will learn the meaning of praying and sample prayers on this site.

Satan and Satanism
A useful and vast information about Satan and Satanism.
Metaphysic dimension of existence.
The essentials of Islamic faith and practice in islam

Pearls of Wisdom
Support your discovery of inner peace, sound heart, and successful relationships.
Finding true love with Islamic faith and principles.
A documentary about Islam.
A documentary about Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)
Read the Holy Qur’an with it’s translation.
Spanish Instituto del Islam
Cada momento difícil en la historia también ha producido a sus héroes. Jadiya fue una de las heroínas de los primeros días del Islam.
Books about Islam.