Ramadan Iftar Dinner at Kinsmen Lutheran Church

The Islamic Institute continued its tradition in celebrating  series of Ramadan Iftar dinners within the Holy month of Ramadan. The Islamic Institute and Kinsmen Lutheran Church joined together for an Iftar dinner at Kinsmen Church.The Program started with moment of silent for the victims of Orlando.

Then, continued with a short informative video about Ramadan and fasting. At the night, Imam Nihat Yesil from the Institute spoke about respecting each other, and importance of dialogue and harmony. “Dialogue does not simply mean talking to one another, but goes beyond talking to include listening to each other, respecting the others, sharing the concerns on common issues, solving problems together, working together for the good of all and, most of all, living together in peace and harmony” said Imam Yesil. Pastor Beth Warpmaeker also gave a speech about the similarities between Islam and Christianity. The Institute’s and Church’s members have met at the dinner table, both communities shared wonderful foods and talks.